In the 1990s, Jay Kordich became a household name with his infomercials extolling the virtues of juicing fruits and vegetables.

He quickly became known as the Juiceman. But for Jay, it’s was always about much more than just selling juice machines.

As a young man, he thought his days were numbered when he was diagnosed with bladder cancer. But a forward-thinking doctor had an usual prescription — juices made from raw fruits and vegetables. To this day, Jay still credits the juice with saving his life.

Now 87 years old, he still believes in the power of a natural diet.

Find out how he started out just giving free demonstrations in health food stores to making millions on national TV. Then, find out how his empire quickly vanished.

But Jay says his financial and career hardships have never stopped him from urging people to adopt his healthy habits.

He explains why it’s so important to make the juices yourself and why he’s trying to get more people to drink their greens.

Plus, find out which president he was once summoned to make juices for.

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