He could read this paragraph in a matter of seconds, and a novel in minutes. Howard Berg has been certified by the Guinness Book of World Records as the fastest reader, and he clocks in at 80 pages a minute! 

Not only does he speed read, Berg says he understands and comprehends everything he sees. And he’s passing it on, helping students learn to study more efficiently and creating a formula to help others learn from his techniques.

Berg says his mission is to make a difference, and he shares some of his secrets with Growing Bolder. Find out how you can block out the voice in your head that slows you down, and why looking at books as movies can dramatically decrease the time you spend with your nose in the pages. Plus, how his childhood in Brooklyn drove him to the safety of the library, where he honed his craft.

For more information, visit Howard’s website: http://www.howardbergspeedreading.com/