Meet Bina Shah, M.D., a retired 78-year-old physician who has found her true purpose in alternative medicine as a Reiki Master energy healer.

Dr. Shah ran a major OBGYN clinic in India for 45 years before retiring to the U.S. to be near her daughter, Dr. Nikita Shah, a noted medical oncologist. Always fascinated by alternative medicine, Dr. Bina Shah began volunteering at one of the nation’s top cancer hospitals, where she now treats patients and discusses some of life’s biggest questions.

She explains how she activates the different energy centers in the body and how every problem in your body, including diseases, can be treated with Reiki, a Japanese healing art. 

After a career in traditional medicine, she explains how she found her true purpose in life in her 70s. Plus, find out her tips for making life easier and happier.