Are people inherently good or inherently bad? That’s the question writer Mark Matousek set out to answer in his new book, “Ethical Wisdom: What Makes Us Good.” Find out the surprising role gossip plays in keeping society healthy. 

Like millions, Quin Bommelje is a big fan of the dance competition shows on TV. She convinced her husband to sign up for lessons with her, but now, the woman who couldn’t dance, is waltzing her way to the winner’s circle in top competitions. (Click here to watch the video version of this story)

After discovering that her breast cancer had metastasized, Tami Boehmer turned to the Internet to discover people like her — the people who statistics are not kind to. What she found changed her life forever. She writes about these extraordinary people in her new book, “From Incurable to Incredible: Cancer Survivors Who Beat the Odds.”

He’s the man behind some of the most beloved songs of our generation, and at 71, Charles Fox says he’s still writing for tomorrow. Find out which of his mega-hits you know by heart.

Who says rodeo riding is a young man’s sport? Meet Alan Johnson, a man who has been roping cows from the back of a horse since the age of 16. Now 80, he sees no reason to get off his horse any time soon.