She’s one of the most gorgeous sex symbols we’ve ever known. At 70, Raquel Welch is still stunning but even more important, she’s finally making her voice heard. Find out why she’s ready to be known “beyond the cleavage.”

“The Red Green Show” was one of the longest running series on television. But, years after ending production, the world’s most inventive handyman is still in demand! We caught up with Steve Smith as he embarks on the Wit and Wisdom Tour to find out what makes Red one of TV’s most endearing characters. (Click here to watch the video version of this story).

It’s never too late to live an active and vibrant life. Just ask Phyllis Sues. She dances the tango, composes and performs tango and jazz music, does trapeze and starts each morning with yoga. And she’s 88 years old.

What if everything we thought we knew about aging is wrong? Dr. Leslie Martin is using an eight-decades long study to debunk a lot of the commonly held beliefs about the secrets of a long and healthy life. Her results are fascinating.

John Suscovich is leaving behind his job with Howard Stern to spend the next two years cycling around the world with his wife, visiting craft breweries and organic farms. He says he’s simply spreading retirement out over his entire life rather than waiting until he’s done working. Find out why he thinks unconventional careers are the new conventional.