His is one of the most iconic voices of our lifetime. Now in his mid-70s, Johnny Mathis’ voice is just as fresh, just as warm and just as compelling today. Find out what tips he has for anyone to stay active and engaged throughout your lifetime.

He’s now in his 50s, but 30 years ago, Wayne Gratz’s dream in life was to be the keyboard player in a big-time rock band, like YES, Genesis or Emerson, Lake and Palmer. But on the way to achieving that dream, his career took a bit of a turn. And he’s just fine with the way it all turned out. (Click here to watch the video version of this story)

These days, everyone is quick to throw the word “hero” around, but when you meet someone like Laura Pita, you remember what the word is all about. Find out how the double whammy of her mother’s and son’s cancer diagnoses inspired her to make a difference.

George Hood puts himself through things that would crush a younger man. The 54-year-old ultra-endurance athlete has set or holds five Guinness World Records in physically excruciating events. Find out why he pushes himself to the limits.

Marja Vongerichten took a huge chance by digging into the roots of her past, having no idea what she was going to discover. Because she took the risk, her life has now taken a whole new direction, and she’s taking us on the journey with her.