Pley Grandparents 16x9

“Pley” With Your Grandkids!

Have you heard about “Pley?” It’s the perfect holiday or birthday gift. It’s a convenient toy rental service and it offers unlimited access to a huge selection of construction, educational and robotic toys; there are more 400-plus LEGO sets, award-winning K-Nex and more — all in the most popular themes including Star Wars, Minecraft, Angry Birds, LEGO Friends and hundreds more.


Stephen Jepson

A former college arts professor, whose work is in the Smithsonian, is the unlikely ringleader behind a brain health philosophy that is gaining support from big brains across the country. Find out why he wants you to stop exercising and start playing.


Come Play With Us!

From fast cars to talking water — yes, you read that right — we’re showing you the coolest new games and rides at the annual International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions expo. You won’t see this stuff anywhere else … yet!

Golf-Tips2-Vol45.flv snap shot

Tips From a Pro: The Windmill Swing

You don’t have to be a pro to golf like one. PGA member Jay Golden is back with more tips on increasing your golf game, while decreasing your score.

Helen Beauchamp

Helen Beauchamp

Helen Beauchamp is an 88-year-old world record and gold medal collector that likes to throw her wins away — literally.

Good Life Games

Ernie Bach

Get out there and play. Ernie Bach did and walked away with 24 medals at the Good Life Games.

Wii Bowling

Can You Say ‘Wiiii’?

A group of grandparents bought their grandkids Wii video game systems but decided they were too much fun to just let the kids enjoy.

Pickle Victory

Pickleball At The Villages

The game with the unusual name is catching on like wildfire! See why pickleball is growing in popularity!

Baseball Bats

Ethyl Lehmann

When she was a young girl, Ethyl Lehmann didn’t get to play too many sports. Now 77, she’s making up for lost time.