A big part of growing bolder is opening yourself up to new ideas and new possibilities. It’s being available for what life has to offer, specifically to you.

There is no one who knows more about that than Ellen Whitehurst, the author of “Make This Your Lucky Day: Fun and Easy Secrets and Shortcuts to Success, Romance, Health and Harmony.”

She explains how all the Joe the Plumbers out there can minimize some of the stress heaped on by the economic downturn with the proper feng shui. She believes feng shui helps you think even the simple things true, which conditions you to focus on two aspects of our lives that we shouldn’t take for granted: our attitude and our choices.

She insists there is a good reason many beliefs have continued to be passed along through the centuries. Ever wonder why hospital scrubs are the shade of green they are? The color is said to promote healing.

“Yes, people are struggling, but attitude and choice can help in the face of fear,” Ellen tells Growing Bolder.

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