He was perhaps the biggest teen sensation in history. He was simply an actor who landed the role of Keith Partridge, lead singer for the Partridge Family. It was a TV show. David convinced the producers to let him sing all the songs. He never expected the reaction.

Soon he had no private life at all. His schedule became a whirlwind of promotional appearances, concerts and show production. His life began to spiral out of control. He said he had to leave the show to save himself from himself.

But since acting was always a passion and not just a job, he was quick to return. His recent stage show in Las Vegas broke all kinds of box-office records. He still tours internationally, but he has some big news to share with Growing Bolder. He is working on a new TV series.

Check out the plot! It’s a classic case of art imitating life! David plays a rock star, a former teen idol in a band surrounded by his family! And it’s his family that’s created the show! Brother Sean Cassidy is the producer and Patrick Cassidy also stars. David says he feels as creative as ever. He says even for a mega-star it’s never too late to follow your dreams, follow your passion and take new risks.