There is an energy crisis in America, and we’re not talking about the one you think.

Most Americans are now running on empty — we’re exhausted. It leads to stress, sickness, disease and unhappiness.

So what can we to start feeling better?

Dr. David Biebel is a minister, the author or co-author of 19 books and the managing editor of Florida Hospital Publishing.

In his new book, “52 Ways to Feel Great Today,” he suggests things anyone can start doing right away to change their lives and, in turn, start feeling significantly better.

He discusses some of these simple-to-follow ideas, including the Helper’s High, getting back to our roots by reconnecting with the Earth, incorporating spice-to-life foods into our diets and naps! Yes, daily naps for adults!

Dr. Biebel also discusses his most meaningful chapter of the book, “Be the Bear.” In it, he reveals what it was like to survive his son’s death and the disability of his other son. Find out how he was able to transform from feeling like a salmon swimming upstream to the bear catching the salmon.