Keep on Rocking

Meet the Bats, a popular Kentucky group that likes to rock but not on chairs. They prefer to rock the stage. This group of 50-somethings regularly sells out its gigs and always leaves the audience laughing.


So She Thought She Could Dance

Like millions, Quin Bommelje is a big fan of the dance competition shows on TV. She convinced her husband to sign up for lessons with her, but now, the woman who couldn’t dance, is waltzing her way to the winner’s circle in top competitions.


Big River Man

Slovenian Martin Strel is the most famous endurance swimmer in the world. Part Borat/part superhero, he conquered the entire length of the Amazon, swimming for 66 days and 3,278 miles through waters teeming with deadly creatures.


The Barefoot Competitor

Judy Myers doesn’t look her age, and she doesn’t act it either. Find out how standing up on her two bare feet changed her body, opened her mind and put the spark back in her life.


Growing Bolder Radio Show: Aug. 6, 2011

Meet a man who reached a critical breaking point. He says he was fat, sick and dying. So he decided to fight for his life. Find out how you can, too. Plus, meet a woman who published her first book at 100, and at 105, is still going strong.


Bryon Powell

Growing Bolder is all about pursuing passions. And sometimes that means quitting your job as a successful Washington attorney to do what you love best — running ultramarathons. Find out why Bryon Powell gave up a legal career to run.


Laura Simon

Five years ago, at the age of 100, Laura Simon became a first-time author when she penned her autobiography “I Am Still Here.” Now 105, she’s on a mission to rally the elderly in this country to stay active and engaged.


Fat, Sick and Nearly Dying

Joe Cross had a great family and a successful career. But he was extremely overweight, sick and slowly dying. He explains what motivated him once and for all to change his life. He’s down more than 100 pounds and off his medication. Find out how.


Ann’s Fans

With all due respect to the dozen former Olympians and more than 1,000 other competitors, the swimmer with the largest and loudest fan support at the U.S. Masters Swimming national championships was a 71-year-old woman from Minnesota named Ann.