Dying to Get on Letterman

In 2005, comedian Steve Mazan was diagnosed with inoperable liver cancer and given five years to live. Like many comedians, he had one dream — to be a guest on the Late Show with David Letterman. Find out if he’s achieved his goal.


Growing Bolder Radio Show: Dec. 17, 2011

What’s your dream? What are you doing to achieve it? We talk to a man who decided to chase his with fervor after he was diagnosed with inoperable cancer. Plus, learn how to be a frugalista in these tough economic times.


Save Big Without Extreme Couponing

What’s a frugalista? Find out how you can save big money without ever clipping another coupon and by not skimping on fun, travel and luxury items from a woman who has spent more than a decade writing about the Boomer consumer.


Robert Davi

He’s famous for his villain roles but now actor Robert Davi is returning to his singing roots and showing off his romantic side with his new album, “Davi Sings Sinatra.” Find out why he thinks America needs these standards now more than ever.


Ken Hechler

For decades, Ken Hechler has served his country and witnessed the biggest moments in history. He interrogated Hitler’s top commanders before Nuremberg, marched with Dr. King on Selma and taught alongside Einstein. Now 97, he’s still making history.


Dr. Dot Richardson: Find Your Passion

What drives you? What do you wake up and think about? Find your passion and pursue it at all costs — that’s the advice of Dr. Dot Richardson, who shares how her journey led to health and happiness.


Gary McKechnie: Let it Be

Even this expert needs reminders to take a breath and enjoy some of the unexpected journeys that can pop up when traveling. Gary McKechnie shares his story of the road less traveled, and why his mantra is, “let it be.”


Pat Williams: Take Responsibility

When things go well, it’s easy to take credit. But what about when things go poorly? Are you just as quick to assume responsibility? Pat Williams says the bad times are just as important as the good for learning and growing.


Rowdy Gaines: Keep Setting Goals

So you reached your goal — great! What next? Rowdy Gaines says it’s crucial to set the next goal, and the next and so on. The minute you get complacent, you lose your momentum. Here’s Rowdy’s advice.


Roger McGuinn: Give Your Life a Beatle Beat

Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Roger McGuinn shares a story of how he created one of the Byrds’ biggest hits, and why it’s a good lesson for changing the way we look at things and leading happier lives.