Growing Bolder in the Orlando Business Journal

The Orlando Business Journal profiles Growing Bolder Founder and CEO Marc Middleton, who talks about the national launch of Growing Bolder TV, plans for an international media company and how his life has changed since leaving the television news business


Clothes That Never Go Out of Fashion

They say if you hold onto clothes long enough, they’ll be back in fashion. But some of the really trendy stuff is hot for one season and never heard from again. And then there are the classics.


A Leaping Legend Named Lew

Lew Sanborn is the holder of parachute license D-1, still skydives across the country and he’s 80 years old! See why taking 12,000 foot plunges are his fountain of youth!


Lifelong Learning Minute: Soaring Seniors

The best glider pilots in North America over the age of 55 gather for the Senior Soaring National Championships. In :60, see why they call soaring the greatest test of all.


Growing Bolder Radio Show: Aug. 21, 2010

It’s never too late to reinvent your life. Whether by choice or tragedy, there are certain times when we all must pick up the pieces and start over again. Learn how to do it well and to do it in a way that changes your life for the better.

Gert Boyle

Gert Boyle: One Tough Mother

She’s one tough mother, and as the leader of a $1.2 billion company, Gert Boyle is a business icon who has never let her sex or age define her.


Joanie Schirm

After her parents died, Joanie Schirm made the discovery of a lifetime about their historic and tragic lives. Find out how a boxful of letters sent her on a journey deep into her family’s history.


Bart Yasso

As Chief Running Officer for Runner’s World magazine, it’s Bart Yasso’s job to travel the world finding the most unusual and arduous races. His adventures and passion for the sport will inspire you to lace up your shoes, no matter what shape you’re in.


John Hall

To celebrate his wife’s one-year cancer-free anniversary, John Hall hopped on his bike and pedaled 12,000 miles to raise money and awareness about breast cancer.


Celebrating 50 Years of Skydiving History

50 years ago this summer, Joe Kittinger rode a balloon to the very edge of space and jumped. To commemorate man’s longest leap, 50 of the world’s best skydivers gathered to honor Kittinger with a very unique tribute, high above the ground.