Childhood Cancer Diagnosis Uncovers Hidden Danger

It’s hard to say that cancer is ever a good thing but time after time, people say in many ways, it’s actually a blessing in disguise. That was certainly the case for a young boy, whose cancer discovery led to the discovery of a life-threatening heart condition.


Biomedical Research is Growing Bolder

Griffith Parks, Ph.D., one of the world’s foremost experts on vaccines, weighs in on their impact on the population and why adult-focused vaccines are becoming more prevalent.

Janice Lennard s4

Go With the Flow

See how 72-year-old yogini Janice Lennard takes a calm approach to fitness. Her methods and teachings are catching on worldwide!


Check out the new issue of GB Magazine!

Wonder Woman Lynda Carter reignites a new flame. Learn about her journey from superhero to songstress in the new Growing Bolder Magazine. Plus, bestselling author Gretchen Rubin’s tips for breaking bad habits and creating healthy ones — for keeps.

photo courtesy Mammoth Mountain

Celebrating the Centenarian Mark

Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort founder Dave McCoy is about to celebrate the centenarian mark but isn’t slowing down! See how his work and life is inspiring people around the world.

Wendy Bruce at Barcelona s2

GB Classic: Capturing an Historic Olympic Moment

Before founding Growing Bolder, CEO Marc Middleton covered sports for a TV station in Orlando, Florida. In 1992, he wanted to do a story on athlete Wendy Bruce during the 1992 Olympic Games. See how with no credentials and no access to her event, he got the job done.

Banks Helfrich s5

Triumph of the Jiggleman

Banks Helfrich was a regular guy until a sudden turn steered him into Clown College and completely changed his path in life. He went from clowning, to filmmaking and straight to The Late Show with David Letterman. See how fun and wild chasing your dreams can be!


In Their 80s, Husband-Wife Water Skiers Still Collecting Titles

Now 88 and 85, Harry and Artis Price are still collecting water skiing national titles. The couple has skied in more national championships than any other man or woman in history and they have the gold medals and trophies to prove it. We hit the lake with the Prices to discover their secrets of longevity in life and love.

Jamieson Thompson Thomson 16x9

The Comeback Queen

Jamieson Thomson Thomas is in the midst of two major comebacks. See how this national champion rower is battling her way back from injury and, at the same time, forging a new career as a fine artist.