Werner Berger

Famed mountain-climber Werner Berger is embarking on a mission that few think is possible: summiting the “seven summits” in a 12-month period, at the age of 77. He shares his incredible plans.


Greta Pontarelli

In her mid-60s, Greta Pontarelli is one of the most dominating competitors in a serious and legitimate sport you’ve probably never heard of — pole dancing.


Jon Cryer's Crazy Ride

Why wasn’t he a part of The Brat Pack? What was it like to a have a front-row seat to Charlie Sheen’s epic meltdown? Jon Cryer is telling all in his new memoir, “So That Happened.” But first, he’s talking to Growing Bolder Radio!


What Does it Mean to Be a Woman?

What does it mean to be a woman? Fashion designer Bri Seeley posed that question to women and their answers stunned her. See how the conversation launched a movement.


Surviving & Thriving Complete Show: Episode 301

In this episode of “Surviving & Thriving,” meet a woman who nearly died after childbirth from a heart condition that baffled doctors. Plus, a man’s musings on life, faith and cancer following his diagnosis with an incurable form of cancer.

Changing Needs

Understanding the Changing Needs of Age

Few of us are truly prepared for the changes that take place as we age. In this Great Transitions interview, Paul Henderson talks about how experience can make all the difference.


The Faces of ‘Surviving & Thriving’

Now in its third season, “Surviving & Thriving” is our Emmy-nominated show that shines a spotlight on those who show us what’s possible in the face of hardships. Meet some of the men and women who are proving that when life knocks us down, having real hope can make all the difference in the world.


102-Year-Old Turns Back Time

Alice Barker, now 102-years-old used to be a dancer, a wonderful dancer who appeared in films all the way back to the era of the Harlem Renaissance. She recently got an unexpected visit that helped her roll back the clock some 80 years!


Growing Bolder Radio #189

David Clark went from a drug addicted, alcoholic 320-pound man to a lean, clean, motivation machine. Get inspired to overcome your demons in life. Plus, meet world-class mountaineer Eric Alexander, humorist Dave Barry and award-winning writer Mary Flynn.