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Team Growing Bolder Training Tips: Geeky Gadgets

The only things you really need to go for a run are the right sneakers and clothes, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of gadgets out there to make your run more fun! In this Team Growing Bolder Training Tip, Betsy Hughes shows off some of the latest “geeky” gadgets and explains how they can make your run safer and more efficient.

Bethanne Weiss

Confessions of a Caregiver

Bethanne Weiss never planned on being a caregiver. Like more than 44 million others in this country, she had no idea what she was in for when she placed her parents into nursing homes. She shares her inspiring story of struggling to make her own health a priority, while, at the same time, she is caring for her aging parents.


Team Growing Bolder Podcast: It's Never Too Late

In this episode of the Team Growing Bolder Track Shack podcast, Track Shack co-owner Betsy Hughes explains why it’s never too late to transform your life. If you need more inspiration, listen to 96-year-old fitness superstar Charles Eugster shares his tips for getting started.

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Team Growing Bolder Training Tips: Old Shoes Stink

Track Shack shoe specialist Anthony O’Neill explains why you should resist the urge to just pull an old pair of tennis shoes out of the closet and offers tips for finding your foot’s perfect shoe in this Team Growing Bolder Training Tip.


Team Growing Bolder Podcast #2: Betsy Hughes, Willie Murphy

Don’t like to run? Don’t sweat it! Track Shack co-owner Betsy Hughes explains how life-changing and potentially life-saving walking can be. Get her tips for getting started and sticking with it in this Team Growing Bolder Track Shack podcast.

Growing Bolder Radio Network

Growing Bolder Radio Network: Listen Live

Listen to the Growing Bolder Radio Network, a 24-hour streaming network featuring interviews with celebrities, best-selling authors, masters athletes, philanthropists, entrepreneurs and much more.

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GB Throwback: Just Say Yes

We talk a lot about saying yes, taking calculated risks and looking for adventure. Our CEO Marc Middleton made a career out of doing all three as a TV news and sports anchor and reporter. You’ve got to see these to believe them.

Susan Paul, Team Growing Bolder

Team GB Training Tips: Getting Started

Susan Paul, Training Program Director for Track Shack’s Running Programs, offers motivation for finding a program right for you and previews what you’ll be learning in the coming weeks through the Team Growing Bolder Training Tips.

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Join Team Growing Bolder and Get Moving

We’re inviting men and women worldwide to join Team Growing Bolder, our new program designed to inspire you to get moving! Learn how Growing Bolder and Track Shack will help you take the first steps toward a healthier lifestyle.