Tony Little: There’s Always a Way

Are you willing to step up to the plate for your own life? No matter what hardships you may face, Tony Little says you CAN do it and you CAN survive. Get his advice for how you can do it.


Tony Little: Everybody Hurts

Do you ever look at a public person and think, “what in the world does that person have to complain about?” Exercise guru Tony Little cautions you against judging a book by its cover because often, we have no idea the hardships someone is trying to survive.


Tony Little: The Variety of Life

You may recognize Tony Little from his wildly popular fitness videos and informercials but did you know he’s also in the shoe, pillow and bison businesses? He explains why we all need a little variety in our lives.

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Believe In Yourself

Do you believe in yourself? Do you believe you can do anything? Growing Bolder’s Marc Middleton and Bill Shafer share the story of exercise guru Tony Little to inspire you to overcome the doubters in your life.

Phil Taylor 16x9

Growing Bolder Radio #124

Phil Taylor’s personal experience with the tragic loss of a childhood friend that truly sparked a life-changing passion. Plus, Linda Evans, Pat Travers and Kathy Lennon.

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This Is Growing Bolder TV

What is Growing Bolder and why is it a show that is resonating with people across the country? Let us show you!

Marc Middleton, BIll Shafer

Growing Bolder Radio: Targeting 50+ Listeners

Growing Bolder Radio is an inspirational, lifestyle program from the Emmy Award-winning producers of Growing Bolder TV. It’s a 60-minute program featuring celebrity guests, sports stars, health experts, musicians, and ordinary people living extraordinary lives.

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Two Unforgettable Women of WWII

Wait, WOMEN in WWII flew fighter planes? They sure did, playing a vital role in helping to preserve our freedom. Meet two unforgettable women in their 90s, one who takes to the skies after 70 years and the other with truly inspirational stories to tell.