Editor’s Note: On Feb. 14, 2012, Sally Gordon died in a Lincoln, Nebraska hospital, where she had spent the previous few weeks following a fall in her home. She was 102 years old. This interview was conducted shortly after her retirement.

After 85 years in the workforce, Sally Gordon is retiring from her job at the Nebraska State Capitol.

She told her local newspaper that she wanted to retire was she was still young.

The 102-year-old is unlike anyone you’ve ever met.

She tells Growing Bolder that she never wanted to stop working before now because she was enjoying her job — and her life — too much to slow down.

What’s the secret to her success?

Sally says she’s always taken good car of herself. She walks everywhere, and until recently, was walking up to 10 miles a day.

She also loves adventures. At the age of 92, she decided to take a trip to Europe.

Throughout her decades of working, she’s had the chance to meet everyone from presidents to movie stars. Some of the biggest stars of the silver screen even had some big compliments for her (and one wouldn’t giver her the time of day, which was fine by her).

She’s also blazed new trails along the way. She was Nebraska’s first female sergeant at arms. She explains what that job entails and shares some of her more interesting stories from the Nebraska statehouse. Plus, find out how she ended up at the White House.

Sally also became a model at the age of 56 and convinced some stores that not all their models had to be so young. She kept modeling until the age of 97!

Sally is one of the most fascinating people you’ll ever hear from. She’s a passionate anti-war advocate after her son was injured and hospitalized for more than 17 months with his injuries.

She explains her worldview and why she thinks wars are senseless. Plus, find out her tips for living a long, healthy, vibrant life.