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Kathy Garver

Remember Cissy from “Family Affair?” Kathy Garver, who brought the character to life, is an inspiring example of someone who has continued Growing Bolder throughout her lifelong career in Hollywood.


Kelly Carlin

If you loved comedian George Carlin, wait until you meet his daughter, Kelly, a very funny, gifted and thoughtful writer herself, and hear what she has to say about growing up Carlin.


Herb Gross

The Invictas were a big-time band in the ’60s. Wait until you hear what happened when they got back together in THEIR 60s! Lead singer Herb Gross takes us back to past for some old-time rock and roll.


Cindy Williams

You fell in love with her when she played the perky Shirley Feeney on “Laverne & Shirley,” but when you get to know the real Cindy Williams, you’ll love her even more.


Randy Gage

Randy Gage overcame a troubled youth to become a multimillionaire and he says you can become one, too. He explains.


Celeste Callahan

Multisport athlete Celeste Callahan is 72 years old and nothing like the grandmothers of the past! Find out what drove this triathlete, marathoner and mountain climber to discover her passion for living life boldly.


Dennis Branham

Dennis Branham has been boldly going where few have gone for decades. After a career in the space industry, he’s now the world’s fastest 85-year-old runner. Find out what inspired him to start and why he’s stuck with running, despite not discovering the sport until his late 30s.


Billy Bob Thornton

You know actor Billy Bob Thornton from his legendary and Academy, Emmy and Golden Globe-winning career, but did you know he’s also a talented and passionate singer-songwriter? Billy Bob and J.D. Andrew, his bandmate from The Boxmasters, join us to talk about their love of music.


Helen Von Dolteren-Fournier

Have you considered taking a holistic approach to planning your financial future? What’s that? Attorney and financial planner Helen Von Dolteren-Fournier explains why — and how — it could be your secret to successful retirement.

Photo credit: Oscar Zagal

Dick Van Dyke

What can we learn from one of the most beloved stars in history? Just keep moving! The great Dick Van Dyke talks love, life, the joy of physical activity and creativity as he prepares to celebrate his 90th birthday.