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Jim Abbott

Jim Abbott is one of the most inspirational athletes of all time, and he’s still inspiring people worldwide to believe in themselves and their potential, no matter what odds they’re facing in life.


Dave Hackett

Dave Hackett is a skateboarding pioneer and living legend who not only still rides professionally in his 50s, he’s also now a life coach, recovery expert, fine artist and graphic designer.


DeEtte Sauer

When DeEtte Sauer decided to lose weight, she not only transformed her life, she also discovered a hidden talent that’s now a major part of her life.


Richard Burns

At the age of 38, high-powered ad exec Richard Burns was struck down with a stroke and declared dead. This is the story of his incredible comeback.


Suze Orman

Baby Boomers have the lowest rate of poverty of any age group, but they have the highest rate of anxiety about their finances. Suze Orman, one of the most respected personal finance experts in the world, is sharing the tips you need to know now to take care of your money for the rest of your life.


Carol Kaye

Long before Meghan Trainor, there was another First Lady of Bass — the bass guitar. Meet Carol Kaye, the woman who gave hundreds of classic hits the beat we all groove to!


Jock Freemantle

Jock Freemantle is in a race against a terminal cancer diagnosis to mass produce one of the coolest cars ever built. Despite his diagnosis, his attitude and enthusiasm for life remains upbeat and contagious. Get inspired to try new things and embrace all aspects of life.

Tony Handler Ironman

Tony Handler

Not even six different types of cancer and more than 20 surgeries can slow Tony Handler down. We catch up with this 75-year-old triathlon superstar.


Johnny Wimbrey

It’s never too late to turn your life around. Johnny WImbrey was smoking pot by 8, dealing crack by 14 and grew up living in shelters and on the streets. Today, he’s a top motivational speaker. Learn how he made the change.


Anne Karpf

There is no question our society still stigmatizes aging. Author and sociologist Anne Karpf says enough is enough. She explains how she’s helping to change the narrative around aging by helping to show its opportunities, beauty and excitement.